Main Street Sites gives you the tools you need to promote your business effectively

Get the best search engine results. Promote your business through Facebook and colorful marketing emails. Integrate with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

Ready to go for SEO

Our websites help you get the best possible search engine optimization (SEO) results. From meta tags and friendly URLs to automatic site map generation, we’ve got it covered.

Tap into the power of Facebook

Premium plan customers can share class schedules on Facebook. It takes just a few minutes. Updates to your schedule show up automatically. Customers can click to register. You can even add pages for locations, teacher bios… or anything else you can think of.

We play well with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools

It’s easy to connect your site to useful services like Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Best of all, it’s free.

Email marketing is built right in

There’s no need to use expensive services like Constant Contact®. The Main Street Sites Premium plan makes it easy for customers to send full-color emails with pictures, links and more.