Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 6/1/2024  Enrollment confirmations

More alternate templates were added for the enrollment confirmations feature.

 6/1/2024  Enrollment Notifications

A new type of notification was added called Enrollment Notifications. This new notification lets you send out messages that include details about enrollments. 

These notifications are are similar to Enrollment Confirmations in how they are sent.  Anywhere a list of enrollments is shown, you can select any group of them and generate this notification. This notification also supports sending by SMS text when available.   Six alternate formats are included in addition to the default format.

 6/1/2024  More advanced custom fields

Custom fields now support creating a list with dependent values.  In other words, a custom field can ask the user to first pick from one list and then pick from a secondary list.

An example of this would be a field called "Where did you hear about us" that asks what media type and then offers a list of relevant publications:

 Where did you hear about us?    [  Online  ]v       [  Facebook  ]v

To make a custom field like this, choose the "Dependent List" option when creating a Short Text custom field.  The values are then entered like this to illustrate the dependencies:

      Local paper
      Church circular
      Farmers' Market
      County Fair


 6/1/2024  Additional level added for menus

Support for a third level of indentation has been added to our menu editor.  

For example -

    Enrolled Families
             Course Materials
                       Songs for small children
                       Coloring book pages 

Note: drag-and-drop sorting is not currently supported when a third level of menu is present.  We'll be adding additional support for this in a future release.

 3/4/2024  Cancelling Make-Ups

When your customers want to cancel a make-up on your website, they can now select from a list of their pending make-ups. 

They'll see this behavior if they have logged in before visiting the "Cancel Make-Up" page.  Users who have not logged in will continue to need to search for their make-ups before cancelling.

 3/4/2024  New Make-Up / Attendance integration

Your families can now schedule make-ups and mark absences at the same time.  New optional settings have been added to Setup > Settings > Make-Up Settings to support this.

When these new options have been activated, the process will look like this:

  • Your customer will need to select the class they will be missing based on their current enrollments. They can also select an absence that has already been marked for them, if any.
  • Then they can schedule the make-up.
  • Scheduling the make-up will mark them as absent if the class meeting they selected.

The new settings look like this.  By default they are disabled.  The first option turns on the new behavior. The other two options give you additional control over the process.

Scheduling make-ups when users are logged in

[    ]  Show a list of class meetings so users can mark future absences or reference a prior marked absence
[   ]  Users can only reference meetings and absences in currently active semesters when scheduling make-ups
[   ]   Allow make-ups to reference unexcused absences


Note: customers will need to log in on your website to use this feature.

Important: this is a new two-step process for scheduling a make-up.  It will be a different experience for your returning families. You may want to let them know about the change and/or be familiar with how it works yourself.


 3/1/2024  New Attendance Permissions

New attendance permissions were added for your user accounts.  By default, customer balances and customer last names are now hidden from online attendance and class attendance sheets.  

You can activate the new permissions for your users by going to Setup > Advanced > Users > Security Profiles.

 3/1/2024  Custom tabs for the Classes page

New settings have been added that allow you to add any component as an extra tab to your Classes page.  

This feature was added for people who would like to add make-up, demo or drop-in scheduler tabs to their classes page.   Up to three additional tabs can be added.

The settings for adding the tabs can be found at Website > Built-in Pages > Classes > Settings.  You'll need to create your components first at Website > Advanced > Component Vault if you don't have them already created.

 3/1/2024  Drop-down filter updates

The appearance and functionality of drop-down filters has been improved for all templates and designs.  A new filter type was added to support showing open classes only. Also, any time a filter only has one valid option, the filter is now hidden.

You can add or remove filters from your current layouts by going to Website > Settings > Named Layouts.

 3/1/2024  Custom enrollment statuses

You are now able to create your own enrollment statuses.  This will allow you to make your own categorization of enrollments for changes, following up, etc.  Custom enrollment statuses are supported in all queries and reports.

Custom enrollment statuses can be added by going to Setup > Settings > Class Settings.

Note: these custom statuses only apply to enrollments that do not take up a seat in your classes.  The only "counting" statuses for enrollments continue to be "Enrolled" and "Pending Enrollment."

 11/9/2023  New Music Together trademark handling

Automated MT trademark handling has been updated to include the last protected terms.  The current list includes the following:

- Music Together®
- Rhythm Kids® by Music Together®
- Rhythm Kids®
- Music Together®
- Family Favorites®
- Music Learning Supports All Learning®
- and the grownups who love them®
- Music and movement for babies, toddlers, preschoolers... and the grownups who love them®
- and the grownups who love them®
- Family Music Zone®
- Making the world a better place by making it more musical®
- A lifetime of music begins here®
- Family Music Zone®


Note: this handling can be disabled at the site level at Website > Site Options > Settings if needed.

 9/6/2023  New attendance option

The option to show student's current age has been added to the online attendance and the attendance report.

 9/6/2023  Named layout improvements

The class thumbnail has been added as an option to more layouts.  Button formatting in named layouts has been standardized and improved.

 9/6/2023  Customer Portal updates

Settings have been added for showing customer billing schedule and membership level.  Those new settings can be found at Website > Community > Portal > Settings.

 8/1/2023  High volume scalable infrastructure improvements

Main Street Sites had upgraded our infrastructure to better support high volume class registration periods.  The web servers handling MSS traffic can now be scaled up dynamically n response to customer demand.

 6/20/2023  Term support for preregistration

Two new terms have been added to Registration Settings for customizing how the preregistration feature appears on your website.  For example, you can now change "Preregistration Only" to say something like "Returning Families Only" if you'd like to.  Registrations terms can be changed at Setup > Settings > Registration Settings.

 6/20/2023  Preregistration code override at the class level

It is now possible to set preregistration codes individually on a per class basis.  The new "Preregistration Code Override" can be found on the Additional Info tab when editing a class.

 6/19/2023  Licensed Music Together Center logo support

Support for the "Licensed by Music Together" header logo had been added to the Granville, Brookfield, Cheshire, MT Bands, MT Columns and MT Shapes templates.  The header logo can be added to your site by going to Website > Settings > Template Options. Please contact the support team if you are using a different template and would like the logo added to your site.

 6/13/2023  Add multiple elements to a layout column

Columns in class listing layouts now support multiple items for a given column.  Class images can also be included in class schedule layouts.  This can allow for a great deal more creativity in your class listing layouts. 

For example,

  • you can stack multiple buttons vertically
  • you can put class start and end dates into a single column
  • you can combine a class image and the class name into a single column
  • you can add formatting around various elements (like borders, background colors, shading, etc.)

See the attached image for illustrations of some of these ideas.

When using this feature, each element will need to be positioned in the space using padding, margins, alignment, etc. This is necessary to get the best results.  When you edit a layout column in Website > Settings > Named Layouts, you'll see a new formatting option is associated with each element for this purpose. 

Please reach out to support if you need any help with this new option.

Reminder: images can be added to Class Types at Setup > General > Class Types.  Those images can be selectively overridden at the class level if needed.

Sample class layout using images and multiple elements per column
 6/12/2023  Include class meetings in notifications

It is now possible to include a list of class meetings in the order received and enrollment confirmations that are sent to customers.  New settings have been added to Setup > Settings > Class Settings if you wish to enable this behavior.  

 6/12/2023  New options for the Class Summary Report

When printing a Class Summary Report for students (i.e., using the "Sort by Student" option), you can now select a single student for the report.

You can also choose to include custom fields in the report.

 6/12/2023  Class Meeting Notes updated

Whenever a note for a class meeting is added or updated, the resulting email notification will now have a link for adding additional comments to the note.

 6/12/2023  Class end time added to reminders

Reminder notifications will now include class end times when available.

 6/12/2023  Student Absence alternate notification formats

The Student Absence feature now supports multiple notification formats. In addition to the default notification there are four additional options that can be selected.  The content for these alternate notifications can be edited in Communications > Settings > Notification Templates.  These notifications are blank until you add your own messaging.

 6/12/2023  New semester and class type filters for coupons

Coupons in registration price sets can now be limited to orders that contain enrollments with certain combinations of semesters and/or class types. 

For example, this can be used to allow a given coupon only if an order contains registrations for summer and fall.  A coupon could also be limited to orders that contains registrations for class type A and class type B.