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I have to say again that you and Main Street Sites are just awesome. I've never had better customer service anywhere. And I really like my website - can't wait to incorporate the new features you've rolled out.
Miriam Klein
Louisville, KY

Thank you! What a wonderful service you provide. And thank you for being so helpful!

I'm honored to give your company praise! Creating the website has been so much fun and very easy. Thank you for always being so quick to respond to my questions and to offer your help! I feel very proud in announcing to everyone that my business has its very own beautiful website! Thank you again!
Christy Wright
Wheaton, IL

As I was reflecting on all of the things I am thankful for this year... I remembered a statement I recently made to a friend regarding all of the many business services, advertisers, payroll, etc. that I pay for regarding Desert Mountain Music Together. I said "the only one that I really feel is totally worth every penny are the Main Street Site services" , my website, on-line registration, make-up scheduler. You have provided wonderful, quality services at fair prices... and you have EXCELLENT customer service. You make me look so good, and have changed the total course and image of my business. To ALL of you who work so tirelessly for all of US (non-computer musician type people), THANK YOU! and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Val Jahn
Prescott, AZ

 It's great so far! Really easy to use.

Once again, love this service!!!!

We absolutely LOVE our websites with you guys
Christy Zarlengo
Jamaica Plain, MA

I'm very happy with the set up and design of site. Very simple and easy to use. Thanks again for your help regarding browsers & providers. My computer has been much happier w/ Internet Explorer. Me too!
Marianne Ryan
Dedham, MA

I love my new website- I will refer everyone I know- It's awesome- thanks so much!
Suzanne McNeil
Milton, MA

More thanks to Christine Zarlengo for the recommendation of this service! The set-up is indeed extremely easy. I was very impressed that as soon as I had loaded my information, I could look up my site on the web and it was there.
Rebecca Andrew
Waianae, HI

Thank you so much for getting my new site up and running so quickly. It was truly very easy and came out looking great.
Meryl Vujs
Harwich, MA

 Thanks for your help-I love my new site :)

Everything is great and thanks so much for checking on the site. I was also happy with the pics, and I love how easy it is to make changes. Thanks again!
Jennifer Trested
Westbury, NY

 The response to the website, especially online registration, has been very positive.  

I am so happy with your service - thank you. It really is the way so many people want to do business.
Patricia Price
Watchung, NJ

Thanks for your prompt reply and service.
Kimberly Johnson
Venice, CA

 Thanks for the quick reply! So glad I will be able to directly do my own updates.

It all went pretty well and I love the site. Thanks so much.
Lynn Lobban
New York, NY

 It's awesome, thank you. 

This is exactly what I want.
Janet Billings
Hopedale, MA

 Thanks for the quick response! 

Thanks for everything! You are the greatest!!! 

Thanks again for your help. You are fantastic and so is MainStreetSites!!! I will make sure that I let the folks in Princeton know.
Pat Fortney
Lincoln, NE

Believe it or not, I am almost finished with the website! It is awesome how easy it is!

I actually enjoyed designing it.. wow!
Betsy Murphy
Ocean City, NJ

 I'm thrilled with the web site! 

I'm loving my web site. It's been wonderful for business and I'm getting a lot of registrations on it.
Maddy O’Neill-Dean
McLean, VA

 Thanks so much for this awesome website!! 

Working on Saturday? I meant to e-mail you on Monday to let you know that the problem seems to have been on my end & my husband fixed it. Thank you!
Julie Friedman
St. Louis, MO

Wow! That was painless and rather quick! Thank you for the preexisting language; it helped me get off the ground quickly.
Jessica Kligman
Highland Park, NJ

Thank you so much for your assistance with setting up my Music Together web site! It was very easy and I love the way it turned out! I would highly recommend this service to all Music Together directors and teachers. Great price, great system and painless process! . . .Way to go Main Street Sites!
Brenda Iacocca
Carmel, IN

Main Street Sites helped me to create my Brain Gym website nearly a year ago. Since that time, I have been particularly pleased with their friendly and prompt email customer service...[w]ithout good customer service, even the best website is not much use.
Grace Evans, M.Ed
Custer, SD
So you were right about it not being too complicated to update my own site! I am so happy with my new site. It’s bare bones now, but I will keep adding.

I love my new upgraded site and make up program! They have made such a difference.
Kelly Wiley
Novato, CA

When I first needed a website for my Music Together Center, I chose Main Street Sites due to the convenience and flexibility that was provided. In recent years I have been able to streamline essential administrative equirements by implementing their Make Up Scheduler and Online Registration. The convenience and ease of use has helped me keep clear and accurate recods in serving a growing community of families.
I thank them for their continued development of excellent products and great service.
Wendy DeAngelis
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

I am really enjoying working with my new website.
Dana Parkoff
Dallas, TX

Thank you for a terrific website! Everything is working and I am very happy.
Elena Salisbury
Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you for your help in setting up this domain for me, I have already been busy setting up my new site. How easy it is to do, what a time and money saver this is.

I also wanted to tell you how much I love my new website. Your services have saved me, I don't even know how much, time and energy and the website looks great.

Have I mentioned how much I love the website, and how much it has done for my business, it is so great!!! Thanks a million!
Shelley Mendoza
Hartford, CT

I am definitely attracted to the "user friendliness" of your service. A big plus.
Patricia Maertens
Studio City, CA

We are very excited about our new site. It looks great, and has been so simple to set up.
Susan Shaberman
Santa Barbara, CA

Thanks - the web site looks great.

WOW, You guys are amazing. I KNEW you had it all figured out. Thanks, I'll try all you suggest.
Annie Flynn
Carbondale, CO

Thanks - registration has been a breeze through your set-up!
Jill Malin
Westwood, MA

Wonderful! Many thanks. I have already started creating my site. Thanks again.

Thanks for creating these new packages to meet everyone's needs!
Julie Capuano
Stratford, CT

I love everything you guys have done and am looking forward to the online reg as well ~ everything thus far has been worth every penny (and more!!!!)
Kelly Bornmann
Wantage, NY

My website is changing my business dramatically. I can't say enough good things about it.

Another new contact called me just the other day, and told me how much she liked the website, that it was very impressive and very professional. Giving us that wonderful photo gallery page, which is so easy to use, even for a novice computer person, is wonderful.

My website makes me look larger than I really am.

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful services you are providing us. You are making me look SO GOOD! I have had another week of raving reviews from new families who are sending a link to my website to their friends.

Just wanted to add, it is obviously saving me time and money. The website is cheaper than the part time secretary that returned phone calls and mailed info out. BUT, my business is in a highly competitive area, where there are lots and lots of programs for parents to choose from, even a couple of other preschool music programs. SO, looking good and having professional image are extremely critical to me at this growing time in my business. It seems to be giving me an edge I didn't have before because the others don't seem to have the website or services I am now offering and it just makes my program look all that more professional, credible, and high quality.
Valerie Jahn
Prescott, AZ

I'm so amazed at how easy you have made this for me - what a gift!!

I'm absolutely thrilled with the service, thank you!!!

Lisa Griffith (Director of MT of Elmhurst/Oakbrook) said she will be contacting you soon about getting her own site. I'm happy for her..I told her she's going to LOVE it!!!

Thanks for all your hard work with the new options on the websites. Just when I think you can't possibly improve upon them, you prove me wrong. Also, I've been working as a Licensing Rep for new Music Together Directors and I make sure they all know about the wonderful services you provide us! :) Thanks so much!
Joan Walters
Naperville, IL

By the way, I do love my website, particularly the ease in which I receive course registrations.
Grace Evans, M.Ed
Custer, SD

Debbie and I couldn't be happier with the functionality and ease of Main Street Sites. It was so easy to implement and is even easier to use! Thank you for all your help and ongoing support.
Tom & Debbie Foote
Concord, MA

I love the way you...are always right on top of every situation. Thanks so much for your great customer service! Being a customer service person myself, that’s really important to me.
Lisa Chorny
Grand Haven, MI

Thanks for all of your help. You have been amazing. I’m so proud of my business and my website and I could NEVER have done it without your help.
Sherri Tantleff
Casselberry, FL

Thank you for all of your help. The website has had a very positive influence on my business.
Carol Knerr
Alburtis, PA

Thanks for getting me set up with my new website. It was really easy to set up and I hope to profit greatly from my new site.
Brenda Faatz
Parker, CO