Everything starts with your classes and pricing

Your class schedule and pricing are at the heart of your business. We make it easy to manage your classes, prices and everything else associated with them.

Entering your classes is easy

You tell us about your teachers, classes and locations and we’ll generate your schedule for you.

Managing multiple semesters is breeze

Registrations and enrollments are all tracked by semester. Entire class schedules can be copied between semesters in minutes.

Our pricing is super flexible

Use any combination of sibling pricing, pricing based on multiple registrations, pricing by location and by class type. Fees and discounts can be specified in much the same way.

Discounts and coupons are easy to use

We support many flavors of discounts and coupons – from simple flat rate and percentage-based coupons to early-bird specials and prorated discounts. Coupons can be used with Groupon and other similar services.