Compare Back Office Features

Back Office includes an online database, online registration with drop-in, make-up & demo scheduling, customer management and email marketing.

Back office can be used with any website!  You can use it with your Main Street Sites website ("integrated") or with your existing website ("standalone") from any other hosting provider like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, etc.  When you use Back Office with your existing website you just link to the pages you want to use.  Our support staff will style the pages to match your website design.

Online Database

Feature Description Integrated Back Office Standalone Back Office
Customer account management Each customer account tracks contacts, students, enrollments, fees, payments, history, etc.
Class enrollment management Track incoming enrollments, print class rosters, send enrollment confirmations
Financial tracking Records all customer payments, fees, credits and refunds.
Targeted email communications Email features include contact lists, group emails, emails to enrolled families, email history, bounce and unsubscribe handling
Extensive Reporting Includes reports for printing name tags, class attendance sheets, address labels, etc.
Accounts receivable management Easily tracks and displays all of your customers with open balances.

Online Registration

Feature Description Integrated Back Office Standalone Back Office
Class management Manage class schedules with ease. Create classes for all your class types, locations and teachers. Create custom categories to organize your classes.
Parallel semesters Post class schedules and take registrations for more than one semester at time.
Save and restore class schedules Save class schedules and then reuse them over and over when creating schedules for new semesters.
Flexible pricing Pricing options include sibling pricing, pricing by location or class type, discounts for multiple registrations and much more. It's easy to define your price schedule so that the online registration system will automatically calculate exactly the right price for each situation.
Online coupons If you’ve decided to give discounts to certain customers or groups, you can set up coupons for them to use when they pay online. Coupons can be time-sensitive and can use a fixed amount or a percentage of the order.
Up-to-the-minute class availability Stay on top of your registration process simply and effectively. The online registration system tracks all registrations and knows exactly how many seats are available for each class at any time.
Online credit card payments using PayPal or a merchant account Collecting payments online has never been easier. Your registration page can process payments through PayPal or a merchant account to allow your customers to pay online 24x7. Note: PayPal and/or merchant account charges apply
Pre-registration for returning customers Pre-registration lets you give registration access to returning customers before opening up classes to new customers. You can create a pre-registration period that automatically allows new registrations past a certain date.
Waitlisting Can automatically add families to waitlists for their first choice while still allowing them to register for their second choice.
Custom registration fields Add your own custom fields to your registration page. Custom fields can be optional or required and can be limited to a fixed set of values.
Registration confirmations When a family or student registers for a class, an email confirmation is sent out automatically to you and to the student. You can even customize the text at the top of each confirmation for things like directions, policies and so on.
Extensive reporting Run summary or detailed reports for enrollments, payments and fees. View your data by location, by class type, etc. Print class attendance sheets, name tags, address labels and more.
Automated recurring fees and payment Batches Define recurring fees for any time-period (week, month, quarter, etc.). Run credit card payments automatically from the recurring charges. Payment batches require a merchant account with a Network Merchants gateway and the Customer Vault option.
Online payments for open account balances Customers can make online payments for any open balance on their account. Requires a merchant account.
Installment plans and deposits Allow your customers to pay via deposits or installment plans. Installment plans can be limited by dollar value of the registration. Installment plans require a merchant account with a Network Merchants gateway and the Customer Vault option.

Online Drop-In Scheduler

Feature Description Integrated Back Office Standalone Back Office
Drop-in scheduler The drop-in scheduler lets parents and students schedule paid drop-ins online. Quantity pricing rules are available if you want to set up discounting plans.
Drop-in Reminder and Follow-up notifications Optional reminder and follow-up notifications can be sent by email or SMS text.

Online Make-up and Demo Schedulers

Feature Description Integrated Back Office Standalone Back Office
Make-up scheduler The make-up scheduler lets parents and students schedule make-up classes by teacher, location and availability. It helps you enforce per-class limits, per-student limits and more.
Demo scheduler The demo scheduler allows prospective customers to sign up for demo classes so that you can grow your business.
Reminder and Follow-up notifications Optional reminder and follow-up notifications can be sent by email or SMS text for make-ups and demos.

Email Marketing

Feature Description Integrated Back Office Standalone Back Office
HTML Emails Create elegant-looking full color marketing emails using logos, images, links, etc. Select from multiple layouts.
Newsletters Send professional newsletters to your customers as often as you’d like.
Fully Integrated Send emails to any of your enrolled families. Use any combination of class, location, teacher, semester, etc. when sending emails.
Import Contact Lists Import your existing contact lists for use in the email marketing system.
Generous Monthly Credits Send up to 3,000 emails a month at no additional charge if you have a Main Street Sites website. Additional emails cost $.005 (half a cent) to send.

Other features, pricing and availability

Feature Description Integrated Back Office Standalone Back Office
Dynamic generated pages and menu for your website Add our generated pages to your website to show your class schedules, teachers, calendar and locations. Other available pages include blogs, contact us, tell a friend, photo gallery, testimonials and more.
Fully configurable customer portal Create a private portal for your customers with our customer portal feature. Multiple security levels control access. Forums, family directory are included. Access can be automatically granted to enrolled families.
SMS Texting Send SMS text alerts and reminders to customers who opt in to receive your texts. Some usage fees apply. US and Canada only.
Facebook Integration Use our Facebook app to show your classes on your Facebook page. Customers can click to register for classes on your website.
Highly customizable page layout The Back Office web pages can be styled to look just like your existing website (with your logo, colors, background images, etc.).
Flexible deployment Back Office functions are available as an optional add-on to websites hosted through Main Street Sites or they can be added to any existing website that is not hosted by Main Street Sites such as sites from Wix, Weebly, WordPress, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, etc. Optional add-on to Main Street Sites websites Use with any website not hosted by Main Street Sites
Low monthly service cost with no startup fees Our fees are always monthly, charged to your credit card. There are no startup fees and no cancellation fees. You can cancel at any time. Some additional fees may apply based on the features you use. $15
usage fees
(if applicable)
usage fees
(if applicable)