Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 10/19/2022  New Sticks and Rhythm Kids Images

New images for Sticks and Rhythm Kids have been uploaded to the global image repository.

 8/29/2022  New Flute Images

New Music Together Flute images have been uploaded to the image repository.

 8/8/2022  New PayPal integration

A new PayPal integration is available for customers using PayPal to process payments.  We recommend all MSS customers currently using PayPal migrate to this integration.


If you use PayPal with Main Street Sites, please go to Setup > General > Settings and click on the big "Update PayPal" button at the top of the page. It will ask you to log in to your PayPal account and authorize us to process your payments. Once that process has been completed you should be up and running with the new integration.  Please let us know if you encounter any issues. 


Note: unfortunately this new integration is not yet supported in all countries. Please see the eligibilty section on this page for a list of supported countries. We hope more countries will be added soon. The USA, Canada, UK and Australia are supported now, in addition to several EU countries.

 6/20/2022  Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is now supported for Main Street Sites logins.  MFA is a popular way to increase security for sensitive accounts. You may already be using a variation of MFA to access your bank account online.  Enabling MFA in Main Street Sites can be done by going to your My Account page and selecting the "enable" option for this feature at the bottom of the page.  

You'll need to download an "authenticator" app to your phone or computer.  Some options for this are Google Authenticator, Microsoft AuthenticatorDuo and Authy.  All are free to download and use for this purpose.  In each case you'll create an entry in the app for your Main Street Sites account and copy in a secret code -- either via a QRcode or by copying and pasting.

Once enabled, you'll need to enter a 6-digit code each time you log in to your Main Street Sites account. The code will be provided by your authenticator app.

Take a look at this video for complete instructions on how to enable and use this feature.

MFA is also available to any of your staff members who log in to Main Street Sites using user accounts.  Enabling MFA for these accounts is done in the same way.

 6/15/2022  Product Activity Report

A new report has been added to show activity for your products.  The report shows quantity remaining and quantity sold (year-to-date and total).

 6/15/2022  New record browsing tools

When editing classes and accounts, you can now move from one record to the next using arrow buttons in the upper right corner.  For example, if you are viewing all classes for the Fall semester, you can edit one class and use the arrow buttons to advance through the full list without having to go back to the list view.

 6/15/2022  Email color schemes

Predefined color schemes have been added for user emails.  You can pick a color scheme when creating a new email, and you can apply a color scheme to an existing email.

You can also create your own color schemes from your existing emails by choosing the "Save as color scheme" option under the "More.." button when editing a user email.  When you save a  color scheme you have the option of saving the header and footer content as well.

The default email color scheme has been also been updated. The prior default is still available as the "traditional" color scheme.

 6/15/2022  Reminders for teachers

In all places where reminders are supported (appointments, class meetings, make-ups, demos and drop-ins), you can now choose to send the relevant teacher an email reminder as well.

 6/15/2022  Hiding Page Vault pages

Pages in your page vault can now be marked as "inactive".  An inactive page will give a "page not found" error if a user tries to access it on your website. 

Search engines will drop inactive pages from their listings over time.  Resetting a page to "active" will eventually restore it to search engine results.

 6/15/2022  Overrides for the Payroll Report

The Payroll Report now supports overrides on an individual class basis.  Add an override to a class to change the amount the report will indicate for that class.  Otherwise the rate for a class comes from the class type.

 5/25/2022  New Banjo images added

New images for the Banjo collection have been added to the image repository.

 5/1/2022  New social media icons

TikTok and WhatsApp have been added to the list of supported social media icons.  These icons can be enabled by going to Website > Site Options > Settings.  

Note: this feature is only available with certain website templates.

 5/1/2022  New shipping status added

The new shipping status "Delivered in class" was added to purchased products.

 4/15/2022  Account Schedule Improvements

When reviewing a student's schedule in a customer account, you can now click through to see the relevant class, appointment, make-up, demo or drop-in.

 4/14/2022  Additional Page Security Options

Access to your page vault web pages can now be restricted using member groups or billing schedules.  For example, a particular page in your customer portal could now be restricted to a particular group of accounts.  This is in addition to the enrollment-based restrictions that already existed.

To set access restrictions for a page vault page, open up the page in your page vault and click on the settings tab.

 2/17/2022  New Tambourine Images added

New images for the Tambourine collection were added to the image repository.

 11/26/2021  Drum Collection Images

Drum Collection slideshow images have been uploaded to the image repository.

 10/1/2021  New Button Option for Links

When adding links to a page or user email, there is now a "Link Style" option.  The options are "Link" and "Button". Use the button style to have your links formatted as buttons. 

When using this feature in user emails, you can change the button styles for each individual email section.  The "Styles" tab of a given section has a new set of style options for any buttons used in that section.

When adding buttons to your web pages, a default set of button styles to match your template and color scheme will be applied automatically for you.  These styles can be modified by customer support.  Let us know if you'd like any changes made in this area to suit your preferences.

 9/15/2021  Additional Sections in User Emails

User emails now allow you to add additional sections. Each section can have its own formatting, so it's now possible to create emails that using alternating background colors, borders, etc.

To add a new section to a user email, look for the "Add+" button at the end of the list of sections.  The sections can be sorted and deleted as needed as well.

 9/8/2021  New Fiddle and Alligator images added

New images from the Music Together marketing department were added to the image repository.  They were added to the "Music Together (Fiddle)" and "Music Together (Rhythm Kids)" folders.

 7/23/2021  New Marketing Images

New images from Music Together were added to the global image repository in these categories:

- Music Together (Slides)
- Music Together (Outdoors)
- Music Together (General)

 6/14/2021  Registration prices for individual classes

It's now possible to define registration prices for particular classes.  These prices will be used in place of any price set assigned to the semester.

To define prices for a particular class, go to Manage > Classes > Classes, edit your class, then go to the Registration Pricing tab for that class.  From there you can set up prices for that particular class only.

Also, a new view has been added to Manage > Classes > Classes. It's called the "Additional Settings View". From there you can see which classes have local pricing defined.

Local prices for a particular class will be maintained during roll forward and when copying classes.

 3/31/2021  Triangle images

Images for the Triangle collection were added to the global image repository.

 3/24/2021  New Options for Contact Us

The Contact Us form can now be used to create contacts automatically.  A new setting has been added to Website > Built-in Pages > Contact Us > Settings to support this.  You can also indicate a particular contact list for these contacts to be placed in if you wish to.

 3/24/2021  Drop-in Content for Order Notifications

A new setting has been added for orders containing drop-ins.  You can now add content to your order notifications that will only be included when an order contains one or more drop-ins.  This new setting can be found at Setup > Make-ups, Demos & Drop-ins > Drop-in Settings.  The new setting is called, "Drop-in Order Submitted Notification Content."