Exceptional website designs, class management & online registration for Dance Studios and Dance Academies.

  • Professional Template Designs
  • Update your Site Anytime
  • Easy Content Editing
  • Class Management
  • Online Class Schedules
  • Online Registration
  • Customer Portal
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Integration
Dance Studio Website Template Designs

Professional Template Designs for Dance Studios

Pick your desired website template from a wide array of colors and styles. The template are easy to customize and can be changed at any time.


Dance Class Management

Enter your locations, teachers and type of classes, then tell us what your schedule is. You can roll your classes forward each time you start a new semester. Just update the start dates and your new schedule is created for you.


Customer Portal

Create a private area on your website for dance videos, photos and more.


Update your Site Anytime

You'll be able to update your website at anytime from anywhere. No more waiting for your website developer to make changes to your site.


Online Dance Class Schedule

Enter your class schedule and it will show up on your website instantly. Each class meeting will be listed on your calendar and a summary of your schedule will be listed on your classes page


Email Marketing

Send colorful marketing emails and newsletters to your customers with our built-in email marketing features. Send up to 3,000 emails per month for free if you have Back Office and a website from Main Street Site


Easy Content Editing

Updating your pages is as easy as editing a word processing document. You can insert pictures, apply formating, cut and paste, even add video players and slideshows.


Online Registration for Dance Classes

Your customers can select their classes right on your website. When they register their registration will be entered into your online database automatically and you'll receive an email.


Facebook Integration

Post your class schedule as a new tab on your Facebook page with our custom Facebook app.