Compare Website Hosting Features

Basic and premium websites from Main Street Sites are affordable and professional-looking. They also include powerful features for growing and maintaining your business.Main Street Sites websites are available with or without our Back Office service.

Promote Your Business

Website Feature Description Basic Website Premium Website
Your own business website name: Choose a name for your website that matches your business. We’ll pay to register the name, and we’ll renew it for free as long as you’re a customer. If you already have a registered domain name, that's fine too.
Add your own business logo Post a graphical business logo to your site to reinforce your brand and add visual interest to your site.
“Add me to your mailing list” widget to collect contacts online Collect opt-in email address for newletters and mailing lists.
Email Marketing and newsletters Send full-color marketing emails and newsletters to your prospects and your enrolled families.
Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools Maximize your site’s search engine hits with built-in SEO optimization tools.
Increase your reach with a blog Increase search engine hits and stay connected with your students and families by maintaining a blog (multiple blogs supported).
Facebook Integration (NEW!) Use our Facebook app to show your classes on your Facebook page. Customers can click to register for classes on your website.

Build and Maintain your own Website

Website Feature Description Basic Website Premium Website
Make your own site changes at anytime Our service provides you much more than just a website. You’ll have full access to update and change your site anytime—day or night. You don’t have to call us or pay any extra fees to make your changes.
Home, Teachers, Classes, Registration, Gallery, Quotes, Contact Us and Tell a Friend pages We’ve created these standard pages for you already. Families will find it easy to get exactly the information they’re looking for. You can post pictures of Teachers/Instructors and add your own photos to the Gallery page. Showcase testimonials on your Quotes page. Connect with current and future customers through the Contact Us and Tell a Friend pages.
Calendar System You can turn on our fully-featured calendar page if you wish to mark your classes, holidays and special events.
“What’s New” feature to post your events and announcements You’ll want your website to show all the latest news about your business. The News feature let’s you add these news items quickly and painlessly…and they appear automatically right on your home page.
Custom Pages Whenever you need a new page to provide more information (in addition to the standard pages above), you can create it yourself and link to it from any page you want. up to 5 unlimited
Customize pages with pictures and graphics The Image Vault allows you to customize your site by uploading photos and including them on your pages. unlimited unlimited
Downloadable PDFs, forms, documents, MP3s and more The File Vault feature makes it easy to upload PDFs, MP3s and more. You can then link to those files from any page on your site. up to 5 unlimited
Multimedia Widgets Add MP3 players, slideshows, interactive photo galleries, YouTube videos, Flash games and more to make your site come alive.
Custom menu editor Define your own menu layout for greater customization of your site.*
Template image overrides Replace images in your template with some of your own.*
Built-in image resize/rotate feature Resize images from digital cameras or other sources with ease using our built-in image resizing and rotating tool.
Control fonts and font colors Change the fonts and font colors that are used on your website for a totally unique look.
Advanced CSS (cascading style sheet) support Advanced users can define new custom styles (CSS) or redefine existing styles for a highly customized site.

Publish your Class Schedule and Accept Registration Requests Online

Website Feature Description Basic Website Premium Website
Accept registration requests online Your registration page collects all the information you need about a class registration and automatically sends a confirmation email to you and the family or student who registered.
Save and Restore class schedules Once you’ve added a semester of classes, you can save it to use over and over again to save typing.
Custom notifications Enter your policies, directions, etc. into our automated confirmation email templates.
Multiple Semesters Show schedules and take online registrations for multiple semesters at once.
Set your terms and conditions Require people to accept your terms and conditions before registering online.
Custom Registration fields Need to collect more information than the standard registration page? No problem. Add your own custom field to the registration page to collect additional registration information.

Email Marketing Tools

Website Feature Description Basic Website Premium Website
Full-color interactive emails Create elegant-looking full color marketing emails using logos, images, links, etc. Select from multiple layouts.
Newsletters Send professional newsletters to your customers as often as you’d like.
Integrated with your customer database Send emails to any of your enrolled families. Use any combination of class, location, teacher, semester, etc. when sending emails. This works best when used with our Back Office service.
Import Contacts Import contact lists from any other service for use in the email marketing system.
Up to 3,000 free emails/month Send up to 3,000 emails a month at no additional charge if you have a Main Street Sites website and use Back Office.
Unlimited additional emails Send additional emails for $.005 (half a cent) each.

Community Features

Website Feature Description Basic Website Premium Website
Customer Portal The customer portal is a password-protected section of your website where your customers can share information, post discussions, access course materials, etc.
Blogging Stay connected with your students and families with your own blog. Blogging can also help improve your search hits.
Online discussion forums Involve your families with online discussion forums. Forums can be made exclusive to enrolled families and/or teachers and staff.
Family Directory An optional family directory can help your customers connect both online and offline.

Other features, pricing and availability

Website Feature Description Basic Website Premium Website
Free and excellent customer service Our email and phone customer service is provided without additional charge to all of our customers (including evenings and weekends).
Optional online payment processing, make-up scheduler and demo scheduler Integrated Back Office functions including credit card processing, PayPal, make-up scheduler and demo scheduler are available as an optional add-on.
Low monthly service cost with no startup fees Our fees are always monthly, charged to your credit card. There are no startup fees, cancellation fees, hidden costs or long-term agreements. You can cancel at any time. $25 $35

* Some of our older templates do not support this functionality.